Thursday, 30 July 2009

Something Fishy

I have a thing about fish, I don't have any but I find I am drawn to fishy items (maybe it has something to do with being a water sign, who knows?). I particularly like glass paperweights (I have a thing about glass too), I have a few that feature fish, my favourite being a tiny one I picked up in Venice earlier this year. It's tiny because that's about all my budget could stretch to(that and the fact that it was too cute not to buy), there were some amazing pieces for amazing prices too!

And here he is, I just couldn't resist him!

So, I thought I'd have a nose through Etsy and see what fishy items I could find, there were plenty to choose from! I had a good look and I've gathered up a few of my favourites, what do you think?

Just click on the items for more info, it'll go to the sellers item page on Etsy.


Hazydaisy said...

gorgeous fishy collection!

Janine said...

That fish you got in Venice is just too cute for words! I think I would end up carrying it in my pocket just so I could look at it whenever I wanted :)

noble beeyotch said...

OHHH i love fishes!!...actually i love eating them! hahaha

Jessica Doyle said...

Thanks so much for including George the Fish in your feature!

Sjan Weijers said...

SO cute! Thanks for posting!


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