Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Another Birthday Cake

Here's the latest cake creation, and I'm pleased to say this one went a lot better than the last one. No disasters in the kitchen this time and I was getting on better with the icing.

We were asked to do a cake featuring a man playing on a PlayStation, I had a photo of the man in question so I could get a resemblance (hope he's not too offended!).

I was told he had a PlayStation 2 and that he liked playing war games and racing games, I opted for the war game to display on the TV screen.

So here he is enjoying a game on the PlayStation.

My husband had to make do without his mixer for this cake, he had to put some good old fashioned elbow grease into it. Despite his worries the cake turned out well.

The only bad thing is, we won't get to have a piece of this cake :(

1 comment:

Snowbell said...

Am very impressed! Too bad you won't be sending me a piece of it!!!


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