Thursday, 10 September 2009

How on earth did you find me?

When checking out my web analytics for my Etsy shop I love to check what keywords have been used that have brought people to view my shop.  Whilst there are the obvious ones: big jessie, big jessie cards, big jessie on etsy, beer birthday cards etc there are some unusal ones that crop up.

Here's the top 20 of unusal keyword searches that have brought views to my shop

  1. alligator clips lining
  2. chef wall decor
  3. child fingerless gloves
  4. emery sand
  5. evalicious (what the heck?!)
  6. felt purses for little girls
  7. hershey kiss rubber stamp
  8. lampwork beach
  9. magnet slogans
  10. medieval charm bracelet, etsy
  11. mens tweed long coat
  12. method of flower making by using glaze paper
  13. ring bearor pillows, silk flowers
  14. rubber ducky your the one
  15. tajmahal scrapbooking paper
  16. uk wildcat stained glass
  17. upcycled shoes
  18. vintage baseball canvas
  19. wolf hair bow
  20. yippiekawaiiyeahs shop
It's quite amazing how my card shop featured in the list of results when these keywords were entered, the mind boggles!

What strange keywords have been used to find your shop or blog?


Laura said...

The way that the interwebs works is a strange and wonderful thing.

So do you have any wolf hair bows in stock?! ;o)

StormsHandicrafts said...

There are lots strange keywords used to find my shop (for example: joom, cute owls), but no strange keywords used to find my blog.

Ladybuggz said...

I just checked my keywords, and here are some of the stranger ones: bake destroy, diy corsets, niobium allergy, and origami lucky star strips.

None of these have any relation to anything at all in my shop. LOL


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