Friday, 6 November 2009

Golf Cake

Here's the latest novelty cake my husband and I have created.  This time we were asked to do a golf themed cake for a 65th birthday.

I'm getting better at modelling with icing, each person I've had to sculpt has gotten better each time (I think I could've done better at positioning the golfer with his golf club, not sure holding a club like that will be very effective!). 

I did have an 'OH NO!' moment whilst piping the shoes on though, my tiny piping bag full of black icing split and a great big blob of icing squirted out onto the cake!  I quickly scrapped it off and managed to remove most traces of black but it had left a mark.  Luckily it was quite near the edge so I could cover it up with buttercream and make the 'rough grass' a bit wider.  Few!  Panic over.

It was also my first attempt at writing with icing, which went better than I expected.  No mishaps with the piping bag this time!

We've now got a small batch of green buttercream left, I guess we'll just have to whip up a few cupcakes to use it up - what a shame!  Cupcake anyone?...............

If you'd like to see the other cakes we've made click here and here and here!


Snowbell said...

Wow Jess, I'm impressed! It's my birthday on Monday - want to bake me one? ;)

Jessica said...

Thanks Nat and happy birthday for monday, it's my birthday a week on monday, the big 3-0!

IckyDogCreations said...

Very cool!!
I'm only good at EATING cake!

Shore Debris said...

That's really neat!
I'm only good at destroying cake, too - mouth to stomach type destroying :)


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