Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's cupcakes and Mickey Mouse

Here's the latest cakes my husband's been asked to make, some Valentine's cupcakes and a Mickey Mouse cake.  As usual I've lent my hand to decorating, he prefers to bake (and is very good at it - very tasty cakes!) and seeing as I love to make things, I'm best at the decorating.  So we make a pretty good cake making team.

The cupcakes are vanilla sponge with pink buttercream, decorated with fondant icing discs and I've piped letters on spelling out 'I Love You' and decorated them with a few hearts.

The Mickey Mouse cake took a bit longer to do!  But at least he's relatively easy to make, quite simple features so nothing too complicated to make.  


He's all cake too, the mouth is sponge (not just masses of icing) and the ears are simply miniature cakes.  Only his nose is a lump of icing.  Everything's cut out by hand too, no special cake tins have been used or any templates, and what you can't tell from the pictures is just how big this cake's BIG, beats any shop bought cake any day!  



Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this cake. For the mouth did You paint it for are those pieces of fondant and if you painted on it what did you use? And about how many does that size cake feed?

Jessica said...

The mouth is painted on using food colouring, I use Sugarflair gel colours. This is quite a big cake which could feed 30 people easily.


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