Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Novelty cakes

Yep, more cakes!  It was our first time with doing a numbered cake, it went really well and Jay (my husband) did a very good job with icing that tricky number 2!! (;o) Hee hee!)  We had another Mickey Mouse cake to do (and we've got another one to do in a couple of months time) and a strange request for a meerkat cake.  Not just any meerkat either, Aleksander the meerkat from those compare the meerkat (market) adverts.

I had to use my painting skills for Aleksander, I'm pleased with how he looks but he does look more like a dog than a meerkat.  Our cake version is a bit fatter, otherwise it would have been a rather small cake. 

This is the real Aleksander

We've got a little rest before the next cake making session, the next one we've been asked to do is an Easter Yule Log!  I've had a bag of Mini Eggs stored in the cupboard for a while now, I'm surprised they've lasted so long!

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