Wednesday, 14 April 2010

IF - Linked

The Illustration Friday theme this week is Linked, so I started thinking of what I could draw that was linked together.  Then I remembered playing Red Rover at school. 

You'd have two teams, each forming a line linked by holding hands and each team would take it in turns to call out 'Red Rover, Red Rover, send somebody over', then someone from the opposite team would run at full pelt towards the other team and try and break the link between two players.  If they broke the link then they picked a team member from the opposite team to go and join their team, if they failed to break the link then they would have to join the opposite team.  The winning team is the one that ends up with most players.

Apparently this game is deemed too aggressive for school playgrounds these days and it's been banned from some schools.  The health and safety brigade have been out again! 


michele said...

Lol! We had so much fun with this game! Today, we'd all be sent to the principal's office for many of the games we used to play on the "playground!"

cally jane studio said...

Great idea! Really nice Jessie :)


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