Thursday, 20 May 2010


I've been working on magnets recently, something else I like to make.  I've got a few different types, beaded magnets in the shape of flowers, cupcakes and flip flops, magnets based on some of my illustrations and I'm currently working on some magnet sets which will be made using resin.

I've started to add a few to my Etsy shop and will gradually be adding more.  For sale at the moment are a beaded flower, beaded flip flop, beaded cupcake and an illustration magnet.

My beaded magnets are made using tiny glass seed beads which are individually sewn onto fabric, then glued onto some funky foam to make it nice and sturdy, then a good strong magnet is glued to the back. 

And here's a sneak peak at my designs for the resin magnets, they will be sold in sets with different themes, here's a sample from my baking, fairy, monkey and knitting sets.  Each will be given a resin coating which will be slightly domed and then affixed to a magnet of the same size.  I can't wait to get these made, I think they'll look great once they're done. 

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