Monday, 21 June 2010

IF: Paisley

I'm just back from my holiday and getting back to the old routine.  I had a fab time with great friends and lots of laughs, it sure was nice to have a break.  So I thought I'd get started with a quick illustration for Illustration Friday. 

Paisley is the theme this week and I rather enjoyed making my own paisley pattern, it was a bit like doodling but with a purpose.  Then I had to think what to draw to incorporate the pattern, what better than a paisley tie?  And seeing as it was father's day yesterday I thought it was quite fitting, I'm sure there were a few ties given as presents.  My dad mainly got beer and cider, he's well stocked up till his four days time!


Rebekah Leigh said...

I like it! :-) good idea incorporating the fathers day theme.

Helen Pickup said...

Hi, looks like we had the same idea! lol

Jessica said...

Well great minds think alike Helen! ;o)

Jack Foster said...

Hey Jessie! Great one! Love the "dad" Does he look like your dad? Or is he just a figment of your imagination?

Jessica said...

Hi Jack, this "dad" is more figment of my imagination but my dad has brown hair (minus the grey ones!)

michael robertson said... the color.


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