Thursday, 29 July 2010

Birthday Cards for Girls

Here's a few card designs I've been working on, mostly inspired by my niece, Millie, who just turned two the other day.  The card I made for her turned out to be quite apt, she tends to carry her dolls under her arm like in my illustration, except it tends to look more like she's got them in a head lock when she carries them!

I thought I'd use the same character done up as a fairy for the next design.

And sticking with the fairy theme came up with this.....

And here's one I did a while back but had forgotten all about it.

I've not been making many cards lately, had other things going on and me and my husband have been busy making cakes, and we've got quite a few cake orders for August too so that will keep us busy.  No doubt I'll end up doing a few cake related posts during August, one of the cakes we have to do is a Rubik's cube, I'm hoping it will be fairly straight forward......I'll let you know how it goes! 

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

IF: Double

It's very rare but it's been known to happen, you select a yummy treat from a vending machine and two fall out!  So you end up with a double treat!! 

What's more likely to happen is once you've made your selection, your treat teases you as it dangles forward and gets stuck.  That's normally what happens to me, but Nutkins has had more luck, he's got two choc and nut bars to enjoy.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Chocolate and Strawberries

Here's the latest cake we've been asked to make, a scrummy triple chocolate cake and a dozen cupcakes.  There's six with chocolate buttercream and crunchy chocolate sprinkles, and six with strawberry flavoured buttercream (flavoured with real strawberries) and topped with a delicious white chocolate dipped strawberry......yum.

The triple chocolate cake is chocolate sponge, with a layer of chocolate buttercream and topped off with a generous helping of chocolate ganache.  The message and decoration has been piped on using white chocolate.......just in case there wasn't enough chocolate already!

Last month we had another chocolate cake to do, this time we were asked to incorporate a motorbike, so what better than a chocolate motor bike to decorate a triple chocolate cake?  The recipient of this cake is a bit of a chocoholic me thinks!


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