Friday, 20 August 2010

The latest batch of cakes

As previously warned, here's another cake post.  We've had another batch of cupcakes to do just like the last ones, a Rubik's Cube, a giant cupcake and a Garfield cake.

The Rubik's cube cake was our first go at doing a stacked cake using dowels, it's got a bit of a journey to reach it's final destination so it needed to be sturdy.  Also we had to consider how it was going to get cut up, we didn't think having a long skinny piece with either loads of icing or not much at all would be very good so it's basically two cakes on top of each other.  They'll be able to cut up the top layer, lift off the board that's nestled inside the cake, then cut up the bottom layer.  It was a whopping 40 ounces of cake mixture and 2kg of fondant icing to produce this cake!

The giant cupcake was basically a big version of the latest cupcakes we'd produced, pink and girly.  This is vanilla sponge with buttercream in the middle and piped buttercream on the top half and fondant icing on the base.  It's decorated with coloured sprinkles and wafer flowers and with ribbon round the base.  This is created using a special cupcake shaped tin which you can buy here.

And here's the Garfield cake.  He was good fun to make, he's a nice simple design and piping the black detail on really brings it all together, and we've used orange flavoured Matchmakers for his whiskers.  Of course we had to sample some of the Matchmakers to check they were OK!

More cakes to do next week, lots of cupcakes, a triple chocolate cake and a tinkerbell cake.  I guess August is a busy month for birthdays.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pretty Cupcakes

So here's the first cake order of the month, eighteen cupcakes for a hen party in lovely pink, yellow and purple, all decorated with sprinkles and a few wafer flowers.  I hope the bride to be will be very happy with these. 

They're safely boxed up and ready for collection, one of these would go down very nicely with a cup of tea right now.......


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