Tuesday, 7 September 2010

If you go down to the woods today........

.......beware the exploding debris!  At the weekend I went for a walk with my sister to Friday Woods in Colchester, being a Garrison town we're not short of soldiers and they often use Friday Woods for training.  I remember going there as a kid and regularly coming across bullet shells on the ground, my brother had a few that he collected after a trip there. 

There doesn't seem to be as much of a military presence in Colchester as there was years ago, maybe I just don't get out as much and don't notice, but even a lot of the military estates have now been turned into new housing estates.  And we're not short of those either. 

Thankfully on our walk we didn't notice any military debris, not even one bullet shell.  We're going swimming tonight so that shouldn't be as risky, but I will keep an eye out for that random plaster you used to get floating in the pool, the one with the hair on!

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Rebekah Leigh said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog.Yes I may have been too hard on myself, creating an almost impossible situation! I'm slowing down a bit now which is needed. Thank you for your support :-) I liked your blog post above, I went on a walk in a gorge in Greece and there were signs everywhere that said 'Walk fast, danger'! A bit worrying!


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