Saturday, 9 April 2011

IF: Bottled

The Illustration Friday theme this week, Bottled, made me instantly think of the times when me and my sister would make rose perfume and bottle it up in any random jars that were spare.  Those who are unfamiliar with making rose perfume and wondering what it's all about, it's basically mushed up rose petals in water.....that's it......and it goes an attractive brown colour......nice! 

We only ever made it when we went to visit my nan and grandad, I think we got the idea from my nan in the first place, plus they had lots of roses growing in their garden.  We only used the rose petals that had fallen to the ground, thinking about it now, it was probably a sneaky way of getting us to clear the garden.  So we'd go out, picking up as many rose petals as we could collect, nan would dig out some empty jars, then we would stuff them full with the petals, add some water and mush them up a bit (to bring out the fragrance of course). 

As you can imagine, my mum wasn't overly thrilled to receive a fresh batch of rose perfume, after all, it looked like really dirty dish water with diced rose petal mush, and didn't smell all that great either.......but it's the thought that counts right?


Linda Hensley said...

Cute! I think I'll have my nice make rose water next time she visits :)

Wiccan Witch said...

i'm with Linda :))

Dam Ferreira said...

Very nice :)

Sissy Sparrows said...

That's so funny....I remember doing little things like that with my sister. It seems kids don't do that much of stuff like that anymore. My kids still make me sand cakes from the sandpit...decorated of course with grass sprinkles. I loved your post. :)


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